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Host the next IACR Annual IACR Scientific Conferences (2024 - 2026)

The Annual IACR Scientific Conference is key activity of the Association. The IACR Annual Scientific Meeting has been held regularly since 1970, and annually since 1982. The conference is an ideal forum for exchanging knowledge with other cancer registry professionals from around the world. Hosted on a different continent each year, the IACR annual conference attracts an average of 200 delegates and offers a rich programme on topics related to the impact of cancer (incidence, survival), the evaluation of cancer screening and treatments, the aetiology of different cancers, and many others.

We invite proposals from cancer registries to host our annual conferences: 2024 – 2026 in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, respectively.

Hosting an IACR Scientific Conference involves establishing a local organising committee involving local or regional partners to help the IACR Executive Committee develop the programme, meeting arrangements and management of the conference.

Cancer registries that are interested in hosting are asked to contact IACR's Secretariat via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we will assist you throughout the proposal process and organisation of the conference itself.

The proposals will be reviewed by the IACR Board and selected candidates will be invited to make a presentation during the IACR Board of Directors meeting and the IACR Business Meeting, both of which are held during the Association’s Annual Scientific Conference.

Statistical methods in population-based cancer survival analysis 2023

Statistical Methods for Population-Based Cancer Survival Analysis

P. Dickman (Karolinska Institutet) & P. Lambert (University of Leicester and Karolinska Institutet) & T. Andersson (Karolinska Institutet) & M. Rutherford (University of Leicester) & E. Syriopoulou (Karolinska Institutet)

This course is part of the Summer School on Modern Methods in Biostatistics and Epidemiology from 5-10 June 2023 at Hotel Castel Brando, near Treviso in the Veneto region of Italy.

The course will address the principles, methods, and application of statistical methods to studying the survival of cancer patients using data collected by population-based cancer registries. We cover central concepts, such as how to estimate and model relative/net survival. We will cover the use of flexible parametric survival models, cure models, loss in expectation of life, and estimation in the presence of competing risks. Comparison of different approaches (e.g., to estimating and modelling relative/net survival) will be a focus of the course and participants will get the opportunity to apply and contrast a range of methods to real data. A large amount of time will be devoted to exercise sessions where the faculty members will be available to work with participants individually or in small groups. The exercise sessions will also provide an opportunity for participants to discuss their own research projects with the faculty (and with each other). We encourage potential participants to read the detailed course description at http://cansurv.net/.

Wider summer school website: https://www.biostatepi.org/



On YouTube: Presentation on PBCRs' role in cancer control

Dr Freddie Bray, Head of the Cancer Surveillance Branch (CSU) at the International Agency for Research at Cancer (IARC), presents a brief overview of population-based cancer registries (PBCRs) and their role in cancer control, with a focus on the Sub Saharan Africa region.
He explains the rationale for the sustainable development of cancer registry data, what defines a population-based cancer registry, and presents how IARC is working to increase coverage.  He identified some of the challenges to developing registries and offers solutions to  facilitate the development of cancer registration in Africa which would also be application to other LMIC's, and regions.
More here information and links here:

2022 IACR Honorary Member Awardees

IACR, at the Virtual IACR Scientific Conference held on 8-10 November 2022, awarded honorary memberships to Dr Brenda Edwards (USA) and Dr Stefano Rosso (Piedmont, Italy) for their exemplary contributions to the Association and in the field of cancer registration and surveillance.

Brenda Edwards, US National Cancer Institute 

Stefano Rosso MD, Piedmont, Italy


New guidelines on staging of paediatric cancers

New Paediatric Non-Stage Prognosticator Guidelines & an update of 2014 Toronto Stage Guidelines by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) & partners have been published. 

The guidelines were developed by a panel of international experts and stakeholders during a meeting held at IARC, covering the collection of standardized information, which facilitates the interpretation and comparison of data on survival and mortality across regions and over time. The panel also reviewed and updated the 2014 Toronto Paediatric Cancer Stage Guidelines.

Read the article in the Lancet Oncology here:  Development of paediatric non-stage prognosticator guidelines for population-based cancer registries and updates to the 2014 Toronto Paediatric Cancer Stage Guidelines



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