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Become a member of IACR


Application forms may be obtained directly from this site (see below). Once your application (with other requested documents) is received at the IACR Secretariat, it will be submitted to the Board of Directors.

The voting membership category includes all cancer registries that are or have the potential of becoming PBCRs; Networks and Associations of PBCRs. The quality of the data is not evaluated as a condition of membership. Voting rights are subject to the timely payment of annual dues.

Non-voting membership (Associate) is given to organizations that promote the goals and mission of IACR and to individual (who are not currently working in a Member organization, but have demonstrated professional commitments in cancer registration; and Honorary Members).

See Constitution and Standing Rules for further information.

The Board of Director reviews the membership requests on a quarterly basis. As soon as the decision is taken, you will be informed and you can start enjoying the privileges of your membership.

Membership applications

To apply for IACR membership, download the IACR Membership Application Form and send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; for INDIVIDUAL membership applications, please include a CV in the submission.

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