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2023 IACR & ENCR Scientific Conference

The Joint ENCR - IACR Scientific Conference 2023

held on 13-16 November 2023, Granada, Spain

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Conference Topics

  1. COVID 19 - impact on cancer surveillance, services, and outcomes

  2. Stage, comorbidities, and other prognostic information in cancer registration

  3. Clinical applications - treatment, recurrence, and other outcomes

  4. Descriptive epidemiology including special populations (e.g., children, adolescents and young adults)

  5. Registry innovations, research, and health policy. 


Pre-Conference Workshops (13 November 2023)

ENCR has put together four (4) pre-conference workshops held  13 November.  

WORKSHOP 1 (09:00-12:30): Registration of treatment variables in Population-Based Cancer Registries

WORKSHOP 2 (9:00-12:30): Population-based cancer survival metrics

WORKSHOP 3 (13:30-17:00): Recurrences

WORKSHOP 4 (13:30-17:00): IT tools and novel AI approaches for cancer registration

More information and updates here:  2023 ENCR-IACR Scientific Conference

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