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Marceli de Oliveira Santos: In Memoriam

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We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of our own GICRNet expert trainer, Marceli de Oliveira Santos yesterday, 30 July 2023. 

Marceli joined the National Cancer Institute of Brazil in 1997. At that time, the country had only eleven population-based cancer registries (PBCR’s). She played a key role expansion of cancer registration throughout Brazil, they now have 32 PBCR’s, spread across all states of the country. Marceli has become a recognized authority in the field of cancer surveillance and epidemiology, as well as an exceptional teacher and mentor. She generously shared her knowledge and expertise with registrars, post-graduate students, and visiting PBCR registries, nurturing the next generation of cancer registry professionals. Her passion for this work and willingness to provide technical support made her a beloved figure among her colleagues and peers.

Collaborating with the Global Initiative for Cancer Registry (GICR), Marceli helped develop activities aimed at enhancing the quality of data in Brazilian cancer registries, promoting the importance of reliable data in cancer research and control. Marceli was committed to improving the registries’ access vital information in their native language.  She contributed to the translation of numerous technical documents from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) into Portuguese. This dedication allowed the Brazilian cancer registries to benefit from these resources more effectively.

Despite difficult personal challenges, particularly in recent years, Marceli did not lose her joyfulness and zeal to serve.  For these and her impact on cancer registry development in Brazil, paving further progress in the field and helping provide a strong foundation for growth in cancer surveillance and epidemiology, Marceli will be fondly remembered and sincerely respected.

We at the Global Initiative for Cancer Registry development (GICR), the International Association of Cancer Registries and the (IACR) Cancer Surveillance Section at IARC extend our heartfelt condolences to Marceli's family, friends, and colleagues at INCA Brazil.  

With thanks to Marianna de Camargo Cancela (IACR) and Marion Piñeros (GICR- IARC Hub for Latin America).

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