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IACR 2013 - Buenos Aires

A number of award presentations were made on that occasion: Isabel Izarzugaza (Spain) and Leticia Fernandez (Cuba) were awarded the IACR honorary membership for outstanding contribution in their in recognition for the work they have accomplished in the field of cancer registration in their own registry, and within the Association.

 A very efficient team of reviewers, ably led by Tom Tucker, carried out the review over 114 posters from 32 countries. The award for best poster was attributed to Monica Sierra (IARC) for her poster on "Age-period-cohort analyses of breast, cervical and prostate cancer mortality rates in Central and South America", while the second prize went to Rob Verhoeven (Large variation in the utilization of liver resections in colorectal cancer patients with liver metastases) and the third prize to Jaume Galceran (Estimation of the effect of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening on prostate cancer incidence in Spain).


The second Johannes Clemmesen Lecture was delivered by Pelayo Correa.


The award ceremony took place at the end of the IACR conference. The 4th prize was awarded to Iman Meziane from Casablanca (Morocco) for her presentation of the study: "The Moroccan Breast Cancer Registry (MBCR): Assessment of Breast Cancer Risk in Morocco". The other competitors were: Carlotta Buzzoni (Italy), Carolina Terra de Moraes Luizaga (Brazil) and Gonçalo Forjaz de Lacerda (Portugal).

The award, together with a cheque of 500€ was presented by Alberto Anglesio, President of Fondo Anglesio Moroni, during the Annual Meeting Closing Ceremony (more details and photos can be found on the website www.anglesiomoroni.org).

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