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Summer School on CANCER REGISTRATION: Principles and Methods

International Agency for Research on Cancer – Korean National Cancer Center

Joint Summer School on CANCER REGISTRATION: Principles and Methods

11 – 13 July 2022 Goyang, Republic of Korea [Virtual online course]

Target Participants: The course is intended for health professionals working in cancer registration. The course targets up to 30 participants from South, South-East and East Asia. Priority is given to applicants from low- and middle-income countries who are involved in the process of establishing or strengthening a population-based cancer registry. All participants must be fluent in English, the working language of the course.

Background: Population-based cancer registration is a basic element of cancer control, making possible the rational use of resources as well as the identification of areas in need of research. Within the framework of the Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR), the International Agency for Research on Cancer together with the Korean National Cancer Center (NCC) and its Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy (GSCSP) are pleased to announce another edition of the IARC – NCC summer school on cancer registration. Faculty will be compromised of staff from IARC, NCC and GSCSP.

Due to continued COVID related travel restrictions, the training will be offered entirely as a virtual online course.

Aim: The course will focus on the fundamentals of planning and developing populationbased cancer registries. Upon completion, it is intended that participants will be able to:

  • Describe the principles of population-based cancer registration and the primary uses of cancer registry data
  • Identify the key sources of information for a cancer registry
  • Apply methods of case-finding, data abstraction, coding, classification and quality control
  • Explain how cancer registry data are used in descriptive epidemiology
  • Make use of available IARC online databases in the Global Cancer Observatory
  • Access networks of support through the GICR and the Korean NCC

Application Process: Interested professionals are invited to submit their application through the online form or through the IARC Education and Training Website.

There is no registration fee for the course.

The application deadline is 17 June 2022.

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