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Enrico Anglesio 2020 Virtual Prize

The Enrico Anglesio Prize is awarded every year to a young cancer epidemiology researcher, in two occasions:

  1. It has been part of the regular programme and prize awarded at the IACR's Annual Scientific Conference; and 

  2. At the yearly Groupe pour l’Epidémiologie et l’Enregistrement du cancer dans les Pays de Langue Latine (GRELL) Meeting.

With the cancellaction of conferences for 2020 due to COVD-19, the Fondo Elena Moroni and the scientific committee of the Enrico Anglesio prize decided to organise a virtual edition for 2020.  

For the virutal prize, candidates are invited to present a written paper on their work on cancer epidemiology and/or cancer registration, that, in normal times, they would have been given as an oral presentation at the IACR or GRELL conference, and subsequently submitted for publication in a Journal.  READ more of the prize details and rules here:  https://www.fondoelenamoroni.org/en/the-prize/

Click here to download the rules and application form (word):  


A jury will select five finalists to continue to the next phase which will involve preparation of an 8 minute video presentation of their work.  The winner will receive a 500 Euro prize, and if the winning work is published within one year in a scientific journal with impact factor, the prize amount will be multiplied upon publication. The basic amount of the Prize is doubled to 1000 Euro if the work is published on a Journal with impact factor over 4.00; it is multiplied by three (reaching 1500 Euro) if the work is published on a journal with impact factor over 8.00.

The deadline for submission of the manuscript is September 15, 2020. The candidate must be first or only author on the submitted paper, that has not been previously published.


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