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8th Edition TNM Classification Survey

The recently introduced UICC/AJCC 8th edition TNM classification includes numerous changes in head and neck cancer (HNC) staging. Some of the initial feedback suggests potential concerns and challenges in the adoption and implementation of the new classification for clinical care, research, and cancer registration.

In order to better appreciate issues relating to adoption of the new HNC staging classification, and to evaluate this experience from the user perspective, international HNC staging users and stakeholders are requested to participate in a survey. The survey population has been defined by identifying corresponding authors from recent publications (2017-2018) using a comprehensive Medline search of 3000 articles related to the clinical management of HNC.

The aim of the survey is to improve adoption of the current TNM edition, and guide the formulation and implementation of future updates. The Committee requests cancer registrars to participate in the 10-15 minute survey and would appreciate the valuable input by 30th October 2018.

 Access the TNM8 HNC Staging Survey

Best wishes,
Brian O’Sullivan (UICC) and William Lydiatt (AJCC)
Head and Neck Staging Committee Leaders

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