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The Austrian National Cancer Registry covers the entire population of Austria. About 90% of the country’s residents are Austrian citizens. Residents of other nationalities are mostly Germans, Czechs, Serbs, and Turks. Approximately 74% of the population is Roman Catholic. Austria is made up of nine federal states; 20.3% of the country’s population lives in the state of Vienna, 19.2% in Lower Austria, 16.8% in Upper Austria, 14.4% in Styria, 8.4% in Tyrol, 6.7% in Carinthia, 6.3% in Salzburg, 4.4% in Vorarlberg, and 3.4% in Burgenland.

Cancer care facilities

Approximately 99% of Austrian residents are covered by health insurance. Inpatient treatment is provided by 273 hospitals, and three quarters of all Austrian hospital beds are maintained by the country’s 129 public hospitals. About 70 hospitals have oncology departments, many of which provide radiotherapy.

Registry structure and methods

In accordance with the 2000 Federal Statistics Act, the Austrian government appointed Statistics Austria as the national provider of various statistics, including cancer statistics. The collection of all statistics prescribed by this law is financed by the government. The 1969 Cancer Statistics Act and the 1978 Cancer Statistics Ordinance provide the legal basis for the registry and require hospitals to report every cancer. There are 13 people (10.5 full-time equivalents) directly involved in the registry’s workflow: a project manager, a project assistant, 10 registrars, and an information technology specialist. All incoming data are stored in an electronic database, and data checks at the national level are performed using the IARC-CHECK program. The registry uses the IARC/IACR rules for multiple primary tumours. Data from pathology laboratories and various study groups are used for quality control and completeness assessments.

Interpreting the results

Opportunistic screening for cervical, breast, and prostate cancers is carried out throughout Austria. Some regions also provide organized screening for prostate and colon cancers. However, the registry only includes cancer cases reported by hospitals.

Use of the data

The registry publishes annual reports on incidence, prevalence, survival, and mortality; data are available for all years since 1983. The registry provides data and ad hoc analyses to external institutions for research purposes.


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