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Unit Epidemiology
Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale
Via Acri N.24
Via Vinicio Cortese 25
Dr. Antonella Sutera Sardo


Registration area

The Catanzaro Cancer Registry covers the province of Catanzaro in the Calabria region of Italy. The population is about 250 000 and is predominantly urban.

Cancer care facilities

There are four oncology departments and two referral hospitals with radiotherapy facilities (both in the city of Catanzaro). There are various schemes of health insurance coverage.

Registry structure and methods

The registry is located in and funded by a local health authority, which also employs the registry staff (a registry manager, two full-time staff members, and a pathologist advisor). The registry is currently the only one in Calabria accredited by the Italian network of cancer registries (AIRTUM). It was established in 2003 within the epidemiological service of the former Sanitary Agency no. 7 of Catanzaro. The Catanzaro Cancer Registry’s data sources are hospital discharge cards, pathology reports, death certificates, clinical files, radiotherapy services, laboratories, oncology services, exemption records, social services records, screening centres, general practitioners and paediatricians, childhood cancer registrations, diagnostic imaging services, and municipal demographic and sanitary services. CanReg4 software was originally used to process the data, but was replaced by MCRDBLT software. Topography, morphology, and behaviour are coded using ICD-O-3. The registry follows the IARC/IACR and European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR) rules for basis of diagnosis. For other definitions, the registry follows the AIRTUM Cancer Registration Handbook. Data are verified using the IARC-CHECK program. After being processed through four separate quality control procedures, data are verified a final time using CheckAIRTUM software.

Interpreting the results

A national cancer control plan is mandated by law (Decreto Legge n. 179/2012). There have been no significant changes in incidence rates in recent years. The greatest challenges faced by the registry relate to the receipt of incomplete information from data sources and the high level of health mobility in the area.

Use of the data

Registry data are used for reporting incidence, extent of disease, and survival as well as for research and the planning and evaluation of health services.


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