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Heatlh Monitoring Unit
Ministry of Health
1 Prodromou Street & 17 Chilonos Street
Dr. Pavlos Pavlou


Registration area

The Cyprus Cancer Registry (CyCR) is a population-based registry that covers the residents of the government-controlled area of Cyprus, as well as non-residents who are treated for cancer at facilities operating within the area. The government-controlled area is divided into five districts. In 2005, the population of the area was 766 000.

Cancer care facilities

General health care in Cyprus is provided by the Ministry of Health (through district hospitals – the primary health care centres) and through the private sector. The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre, a non-profit organization funded by the government, provides cancer patients with health care services including radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Registry structure and methods

The CyCR is funded by the Ministry of Health and the Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC). Its main offices are located within the Ministry of Health. The registry is part of the ministry’s Health Monitoring Unit and functions under the direction of the unit’s coordinator. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health has administrative responsibility for the CyCR. The registry is staffed by three tumour registrars, all of whom have received training in the principles of cancer registration through courses organized by the MECC.

Interpreting the results

The completeness and accuracy of the CyCR data have been evaluated by external experts from the MECC; the data quality was found to be very good, with a low rate of incomplete data. The registry is estimated to cover 92% of all cancer cases. The Ministry of Health introduced a national breast cancer screening programme in 2003 for women aged 50–69 years and a colorectal cancer screening programme in February 2013 for men and women aged 50–69 years.

Use of the data

CyCR data are used mainly for reporting incidence rates and conducting research. Registry data are increasingly being requested and used by many professionals for presentations, reports, and other scientific work, and often appear in the media. Cancer cluster investigations have been conducted using registry data in response to requests from about 20 local communities. The CyCR also prepares triennial reports, progress reports, and statistical reports for publication on the Ministry of Health’s website.


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