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Malta National Cancer Registry
Department of Health Information and Research
95 Guardamangia Hill FGR2109
Dr. Neville Calleja


Registration area

The Malta National Cancer Registry (MNCR) covers the population of the Republic of Malta, a small archipelago country in the Mediterranean Sea. At the 2005 census, the population was 410 000. There is no clear distinction between urban and rural residents. Most residents are Roman Catholic, and no distinct ethnic minority groups have been identified.

Cancer care facilities

Health care is free for all Malta residents at the point of delivery, funded by federal taxes. Preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services are provided in government hospitals and health centres. There is an acute general teaching hospital in Msida and a smaller general hospital on the island of Gozo. There is one private hospital in Malta, and less than 20% of residents are covered by private health insurance. Cancer surgery is provided in all Maltese hospitals, and radiotherapy and chemotherapy are administered in the oncology department of Sir Paul Boffa Hospital, the country’s only cancer centre.

Registry structure and methods

The MNCR is funded by the federal government and is part of the Department of Health Information and Research. It is staffed by a full-time medical officer and two registrars. Data are collected mainly through active extraction from pathology laboratories’ databases, review of hospital files, and review of the National Mortality Register, which is part of the same federal department. Some passive collection methods are also used. Linkage between the cancer and mortality databases is performed on a regular basis. Almost all cancers diagnosed in Maltese residents are registered, and the number of death-certificate-only (DCO) cases is minimal.

Interpreting the results

A breast cancer screening programme was started in 2009, and a colorectal screening programme was started in 2012.

Use of the data

The MNCR has published reports on cancer incidence in EUROCARE and the European Cancer Health Indicator Project (EUROCHIP). The registry is the official national source of information on cancer incidence. It also grants requests for information from both local and international sources.


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