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France (metropolitan)
Dr. Emilie Marrer


Registration area

The Haut-Rhin Cancer Registry covers the department of Haut-Rhin in the Alsace region of north-eastern France. It has an area of 3522 km2 and a population density of 211 residents/km2. The department is divided into 377 communes, 34 of which are rural (accounting for 7% of the population) and 23 of which have more than 5000 residents (accounting for 57% of the population). Compared with France as a whole, Haut-Rhin has a higher proportion of economically active residents aged 15–64 years (73%) and a lower proportion of residents aged more than 65 years. Approximately 69% of the economically active population works in the service sector, 22% in industry, 7% in construction, and 2% in agriculture. A specific characteristic related to the geographical location of Haut-Rhin is that 12% of the employed population works across the border in Switzerland or Germany. The unemployment rate is 10.1%.

Cancer care facilities

The numbers of general practitioners and specialists per 100 000 residents are lower in Haut-Rhin (96 and 61, respectively) than the national averages (111 and 87, respectively). The department’s hospital infrastructure (public and private) includes 1705 beds in medical wards, 1099 beds in surgical wards, and 319 beds in gynaecology and obstetrics wards. There are two radiotherapy departments but no specialized cancer centre.

Registry structure and methods

The registry was created in 1988. It is a general population-based registry administered by a non-profit organization. Data are systematically checked and completed using secondary sources; the average number of sources per case is more than three. Data are stored using IARC CanReg4 software.

Interpreting the results

Organized screening for cervical cancer (among women aged 25–65 years) has been available since 2001, for breast cancer (among women aged 50–64 years) since 2002, and for colorectal cancer (among men and women aged 50–74 years) since 2003.

Use of the data

The registry was created to collect medical data and quantify the cancer burden in Haut-Rhin. It also contributes to cancer prevention, screening, and treatment by maintaining a continuously updated database for the Public Health Authority.


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