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Registration area

The Vorarlberg Cancer Registry covers the population of Vorarlberg, the westernmost of the nine federal states of Austria. At the 2007 census, the population was 365 000 (185 000 females and 180 000 males), living in 96 communities, including five cities. The population is mostly Caucasian, and 78% of residents are Roman Catholic. Further information is available from http://www.vorarlberg.at/.

Cancer care facilities

Five public and two private hospitals offer cancer treatment. In special cases, patients are sent to the Innsbruck University Hospital in the state of Tyrol. Vorarlberg has one radio-oncology department and one palliative care department.

Registry structure and methods

A law requiring Austrian hospitals to report every case of cancer to the Austrian Federal Bureau of Statistics was passed in 1968. The Vorarlberg Cancer Registry was founded in 1978 within the pathology department of Feldkirch State Hospital, and electronic data processing started in 1981. Local registries forward their data to Statistics Austria. The Vorarlberg Cancer Registry is part of the Austrian Working Group for Preventive and Social Medicine (AKS), working on behalf of the local government in the field of health promotion, preventive medicine, and social medicine. The registry’s data sources are pathology laboratories, cancer reporting sheets, hospital information systems, radio-oncology departments, death certificate notifications, and death-certificate-only registrations. The registry is staffed by part-time medical doctors, a trained registrar, and an information technology manager. An initial quality assessment is performed by one of the doctors before data are entered. The IARC-CHECK program, plausibility checks established by the registry, and a record linkage system are also used.

Interpreting the results

The population of Vorarlberg is stable, and there have been no changes in the structure of medical services or the availability of diagnosis and treatment. The registry used ICD-O-1 coding in 2003 and updated to ICD-O-3 coding for 2004–2007.

Use of the data

Registry data have been used to evaluate local cancer screening initiatives, such as programmes for early detection of breast, cervical, and colon cancers. The registry also participated in the publication Cancer Mapping in Alpine Regions 2001–2005. For further information see http://www.aks.or.at/.


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