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Integrated Cancer Registry of Catania-Messina-Siracusa-Enna

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Dipartimento G.F Ingrassia d'Igiene e Sanità Pubblica
Università di Catania
Via Santa Sofia, 87
Prof. Salvatore Sciacca


Registration area

The Catania-Messina Section of the Integrated Cancer Registry of Catania-Messina-Siracusa-Enna covers the provinces of Catania and Messina in the autonomous region of Sicily in Italy. The Catania-Messina registry was established in 2003 and merged with the Syracuse registry in 2004, but data are still analysed separately for Catania-Messina and Syracuse. The province of Enna was annexed in 2007, leading to the coverage of about half of the Sicilian population (2.3 million people). Most residents live in medium urban (40%) or rural (40%) areas.

Cancer care facilities

About 70 facilities (including 10 major hospitals and seven radiotherapy facilities) provide cancer treatment in the covered area.

Registry structure and methods

The registry is located in the University of Catania Medical School and funded by the regional government. There are 15 staff members: a director, nine full- or half-time registrars, two informaticians, a statistician, a clerk responsible for archives and retrieving medical reports, and a secretary, as well as a scientific committee. The primary data sources are hospital discharge cards, death certificates, and histopathology reports; secondary sources include medical records, oncology and imaging reports, palliative care records, and information from general practitioners. The registry has centralized the flow of all data through an online portal. The registry’s archives are digital, but mainly free of coding; cases are therefore abstracted semi-automatically and completed manually. Cases are checked using IARCcrgTools, DEPedits, and CheckAIRTUM software.

Interpreting the results

Breast and cervical cancer screening programmes were introduced in 2000.

Use of the data

Data on the incidence and extent of disease of breast and cervical cancers are published nationally, and survival data will be published through the CONCORD-3 study. Local research typically focuses on National Priority Contaminated Sites and the so-called volcanic factor associated with Mount Etna.


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