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Institut für Krebsepidemiologie e.V.
Ratzeburger Allee 160
Haus 50
Prof. Alexander Katalinic


Registration area

The Schleswig-Holstein Cancer Registry covers Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost federal state of Germany. The population is about 2.8 million and is mainly Caucasian. About 50% of residents live in rural areas.

Cancer care facilities

The state’s health care system is part of the national health care system. Medical care is provided through a tertiary health care system (private practices and state and regional hospitals) embedded in a statutory health insurance system. About 3000 physicians, 280 hospital departments, and 15 pathologists are involved in cancer care.

Registry structure and methods

Statewide cancer registration began in 1998 and is regulated by a federal law requiring mandatory notification by all physicians. Electronic access to all death certificates is provided by regional health authorities. Registration and quality control are performed according to the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR) and IACR guidelines. To protect data confidentiality, the registry operates in two independent units: a data collection unit located within a medical association in the town of Bad Segeberg and a registration and analysis unit at the University of Lübeck. The registry is funded by the government and staffed by a physician, two epidemiologists, two computer scientists, and 12 documentation or coding employees. Trace-back of death-certificate-only (DCO) cases has been performed since diagnosis year 2003.

Interpreting the results

Data completeness is independently reviewed by the Robert Koch Institute. As expected for a new registry, the DCO rate is still high, but is declining. There were no organized screening programmes in Schleswig-Holstein until 2007, although there were pilot projects for skin and breast cancer screening. An organized breast cancer screening programme began in some parts of Schleswig-Holstein in 2007 and statewide in 2008. A systematic skin cancer screening programme began in July 2008.

Use of the data

The registry publishes annual reports of incidence, trends, stage, histology, mortality, and survival. It also maintains an interactive online database and atlas (available from The registry performs local analyses of suspected cancer clusters upon request, and registry data are used for a variety of scientific research. The registry facilitates contact between investigators and patients for research purposes, provided the patients gave informed consent during the registration process.


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