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Registration area

The Saarland Cancer Registry covers the population of the federal state of Saarland, which is located in south-western Germany. In 2007, the population was 1 million (48.6% male and 51.4% female) and the life expectancy was 75.8 years for males and 81.2 years for females. The state consists of five counties and one metropolitan area.

Cancer care facilities

Cancer care is provided by hospitals and private physicians. The registration area has 25 hospitals (with a total of 130 departments). Recently, several specialized cancer centres for the treatment of major cancers (such as breast, prostate, bowel, and lung cancer) have been opened. Several private oncology practices provide diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare. Microscopic examination is performed in eight pathology laboratories.

Registry structure and methods

The registry was established in 1967, and cancer registration is mandated by state law. The basic registration system is a centralized collection of individual records including personal identifiers. Notification has been mandatory since 2002. The registry’s sources of information are hospitals, cancer centres, outpatient facilities, pathology and radiotherapy departments, and general practitioners. Registered cases are linked annually with all death certificates, and trace-back is performed for cases first notified by death certificate.

Interpreting the results

Early detection and population screening activities in Germany began in 1971. In Saarland, opportunistic screening is available for cervical, colorectal, prostate, and skin cancers, and an organized breast cancer screening programme is available among women aged 50–69 years.

Use of the data

The registry publishes reports on cancer incidence, mortality, and population-based survival, and these data are also available from the registry website ( The registry conducts descriptive and analytical epidemiological studies and collaborates in national and international projects.


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