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Leibniz-Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS GmbH
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Dr. Sabine Luttmann


Registration area

The Bremen Cancer Registry covers the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (also called the State of Bremen), the smallest federal state in Germany. The state consists of two cities in northern Germany: Bremen and Bremerhaven, which account for 82% and 18% of the state’s population, respectively. The cities are separated from each other and surrounded by the federal state of Lower Saxony. Almost all residents live in urban areas.

Cancer care facilities

In 2005, there were 14 hospitals in the State of Bremen (10 in the city of Bremen and 4 in Bremerhaven), most of which offered cancer diagnosis and treatment, including four certified oncology centres for breast cancer and three radiotherapy facilities. Additional cancer centres are planned. As in all German states, health insurance is mandatory for the majority of the population.

Registry structure and methods

The registry was established in 1998 within the legal framework of the Bremen Cancer Registry Law. To protect data confidentiality, the registry is separated into two parts: a notification office, which receives notifications and generates a pseudonym for each case, and a registration office, which performs data analyses. The registry is funded by the government. Notification of new cancer cases has been mandatory for pathologists since 2001.

Interpreting the results

The registry’s build-up phase was completed in 2001; since then, the data have been estimated to be more than 95% complete, according to an annual review of incidence-to-mortality ratios and cancer incidence rates in established German cancer registries. An organized mammography screening programme was started in the city of Bremen in 2001. Opportunistic screening has been available for colorectal cancer (by colonoscopy) since 2002 and for skin cancer since 2008.

Use of the data

The registry publishes an annual report including incidence, extent of disease, and survival data. The most recent data are available through an online database (http://www.krebsregister.bremen.de/). Registry data are regularly used for third-party and registry research projects. The data are annually transmitted to a central federal institution (the Robert Koch Institute) and to the association of German cancer registries for national health reporting purposes. Periodic feedback is provided to notifying physicians.


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