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CHRU Besançon
2 place St Jacques
Besançon cedex
France (metropolitan)
Dr. Anne-Sophie Woronoff


Registration area

The Doubs Cancer Registry covers the population of the department of Doubs, which is located in the
Franche-Comté region of eastern France and has a total area of 5234 km2. In 2007, the population was 520 000, with 348 000 residents living in urban areas and 172 000 in rural areas.

Cancer care facilities

The number of specialists and general practitioners per 100 000 residents is slightly higher in Doubs (352) than the national average (341). The department has five public hospitals (including one university hospital) and four private health care facilities, but no specialized cancer centres. There are two radiotherapy units: one in the university hospital of Besançon and one in the general hospital in the north of the department.

Registry structure and methods

The registry began in 1976. It is a general population-based registry, based in the university hospital of Franche-Comté. Registration activities are funded mainly by the Institute for Public Health Surveillance (part of the Ministry of Health) and the university hospital of Besançon. The registry is staffed by nine people (eight full-time equivalents), who carry out registration and research activities. The main data sources are the regional pathology and cytology laboratories, medical information systems in public and private care facilities, and health insurance notifications. Cancer registration is active; registry staff members visit the data sources and collect information from electronic medical records. The registry follows the confidentiality rules of the National Commission on Information Technology and Civil Liberties.

Interpreting the results

Organized screening for cervical cancer was introduced in 1993 for women aged 25–65 years, but the programme was discontinued in 2005. Organized screening for breast cancer (among women aged 50–74 years) started in 2003.

Use of the data

The registry publishes basic descriptive statistics, conducts studies with local clinicians and epidemiologists, and collaborates with other registries in the French network of cancer registries (FRANCIM) and the EUROCARE network. Registry data are used in estimates of the incidence and prevalence of cancer in France, and in survival and evaluation-of-care studies of diagnostic and therapeutic regimes for cancer at selected sites.


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