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Centre François Baclesse
Avenue du Général Harris
B.P. 5026
Caen cedex
France (metropolitan)
Dr. Anne-Valérie Guizard


Registration area

The department of Calvados is in the Lower Normandy region of north-western France. Its area of 5548 km2 is divided into 579 rural and 127 urban communes. The population is 678 000.

Cancer care facilities

Calvados has a university hospital, a regional comprehensive cancer centre, 12 public or private general hospitals (two with radiotherapy facilities), and five pathology laboratories.

Registry structure and methods

Calvados is covered by three cancer registries: the Calvados General Cancer Registry, the Calvados Digestive Cancer Registry, and the Lower Normandy Hemopathy Registry. All are supported by the National Cancer Institute, the Institute for Public Health Surveillance (part of the Ministry of Health), and Caen University. They are part of the French network of cancer registries (FRANCIM). Registration has been continuous since 1978, and the databases are declared to the National Commission on Information Technology and Civil Liberties. Registration is active; information is taken directly from medical and pathology records in Calvados and neighbouring areas. The registries link the data from all sources to ensure completeness and prevent duplicate registration. TNM stage and treatment are routinely coded by the digestive cancer registry. Follow-up information is collected regularly.

Interpreting the results

An organized screening programme for breast cancer began in 1996, and for colorectal cancer in 2004.

Use of the data

Registry data are used to analyse incidence and trends; to evaluate screening programmes and treatments; and to study socioeconomic and geographical determinants of incidence, survival, and quality of life.


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