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Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic
Palackého nám. 4
P.O. Box 60
Prague 2
Czech Republic
Dr. Ladislav Dušek


Registration area

The Czech National Cancer Registry (CNCR) covers the population of the entire Czech Republic. The population is relatively ethnically homogeneous, with only a small proportion of immigrants. The majority of the population is non-religious. There have been no significant changes in the registry’s coverage.

Cancer care facilities

The CNCR was instituted in 1977 and is now a key database component of the Czech National Cancer Control Programme (started in 2003), which centralizes cancer care in a regionally distributed network of 21 comprehensive cancer care centres, ensuring the availability and coordination of cancer care for all patients. The Czech Republic has a system of mandatory health insurance, which fully covers cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Registry structure and methods

The registration of all newly diagnosed malignant tumours is mandated by national legislation. The CNCR also stores personal identification information for the purposes of data validation and linkage. The registry is part of the National Health Information System (NHIS) and is administered by the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (IHIS) of the Czech Republic. The transfer of personal and other data to the NHIS is regulated by the Czech Act on Personal Data Protection. Regional CNCR centres compile and validate reports from health care providers. The IHIS then performs data checks and linkages with the national mortality database. Within the IHIS, the CNCR Council serves as an advisory board and expert panel, ensuring the high quality of the registry’s data. The members of the council include representatives of the IHIS, regional CNCR centres, the Ministry of Health, and the Czech Society for Oncology.

Interpreting the results

The increasing incidence and prevalence of malignant neoplasms in the Czech Republic is associated with many factors, especially with the ageing of the population and developments in cancer care. A breast cancer screening programme was started in 2002; this has both increased the incidence of breast cancer diagnosis and resulted in earlier detection of the disease.

Use of the data

The IHIS publishes a standard annual report on cancer incidence in the Czech Republic, which is available from http://www.uzis.cz/. CNCR data are also used for research projects by the Czech Society for Oncology, and in some international projects. Aggregated outputs from the CNCR are available to the public through the System for Visualization of Oncology Data (SVOD) web portal at http://www.svod.cz/.


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