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Department of cancer control
N.N. Alexandrov National Cancer Center of Belarus
Lesnoy Minsk
Prof. Alexey Okeanov


Registration area

The Belarusian Cancer Registry covers the entire population of Belarus.

Cancer care facilities

Doctors in all health care facilities are required to send full details of every new cancer case to one of the country’s 12 oncology dispensaries, which in turn submit data to the central registry. In each region, a regional oncologist is responsible for registering incidence, diagnosis, and treatment details.

Registry structure and methods

Registration of malignant neoplasms has been mandatory in Belarus since 1953. All cases must be registered either during the patient’s lifetime or after death. In 1973, a computerized central cancer registry was established within the Republican Institute of Oncology and Medical Radiology. To increase the comprehensiveness of the data, the inclusion of prophylactic observations and active follow-up was later introduced. Deaths are registered through monthly checking of data from dispensaries and clinics against the data from the state offices responsible for registering deaths. A registration card identifies each patient by his or her ID number, given name and family name, place of residence, etc. Multiple primary tumours are registered individually so that the corresponding data can be analysed together. Hospitals where malignant tumours are diagnosed provide registration information, as do pathology laboratories (when cancer is diagnosed at autopsy). Computer checks for consistency are performed at the time of data entry. Duplication is prevented by using an alphabetical index of patients’ names together with visual control where necessary. In recent years, oncology dispensaries have been provided with monthly updates of current statistical data. Special registration of cases of late diagnosis is also carried out.

Use of the data

Registry data are used for planning cancer control activities and performing onco-epidemiological research. Special cancer control studies have been organized in regions polluted with radionuclides after the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident.


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